Station on the Borderworlds

Character and Group Building Thread

I'm opening up full recruitment and want everyone to use this space to discuss and preview characters, and ask any questions related to building and planning your character.


So in regards to traits, the Dead Broke trait, does this trait mean no money whatsoever and so that means no equipment? I’m asking because I have some ideas for a Dead Broke character


My original intention was to not hinder starting money, merely force the character to be broke on arrival, however, we can sort of work on altering it if the penalty is actually a penalty and fits better with a concept.

One of my favorite science fiction books (“The Stars My Destination” Alfred Bester) involved a character who survived being stranded with literally nothing and amassing wealth to seek revenge on the ship that ignored his distress flares. Not an uncommon trope in adventure and swashbuckling, so it can easily work here.



The two ideas I had: (Dead Broke) a human solarian who had been dedicated to studying alien bodies and entities. However, after one specimen came in to be studied, his lab and home was attacked by cultists who believed the specimen was their god or something similar. He was forced to burn down the lab and run for his life, ending up pennyless on Paxem.


(Criminal Convict) An android mechanic who is too curious for his own good. He thought that the local political figure was acting strangely and investigated it, only to discover an affair. However, he and his stealth bot were discovered by Blackvine. He tried to explain, but since he did not record the affair, he was sentenced for breaching a person’s privacy. However, he was surprised not to get locked up, but instead was forced to work for Blackvine as his sentence.

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